Oral Communication: Central to Learning?!

“The Conversation Prism”

I recently posted this link on my ScoopIt Board “Dialogue and Learning.”  How important do you think oral communication skills are to school success?  If they are important, do we pay enough attention to helping kids develop those communication skills? When should we start?  When should we “finish”?  What should be learned about communication?



Vocabulary Measurement in PreSchool

Assessing vocabulary learning in early childhood

Jessica L Hoffman

Miami University, USA

William H Teale

University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Kathleen A Paciga

Columbia College Chicago, USA


There is widespread agreement with in the field of early childhood education that vocabulary is important to literacy achievement and that reading aloud can support vocabulary growth. However, there are unexplored and significant problems with the ways we assess young children’s vocabulary learning from read-alouds. This paper critcally reviews the forms of vocabulary assessment commonly used with young children, examining the benefits and drawbacks of each. ….


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