Reading With Preschoolers

Parents and Teacher Reading with Preschoolers: The What’s and How’s Indicated by Research and Practice

by William Teale

Preschoolers from Disadvantaged Communities

The link below leads to a video of this paper that was delivered at the International Seminar:    Promoting Reading with Preschool Children from Disadvantaged Communities, sponsored by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in September 2014.


EVERY CHILD DESERVES to be a Successful…Reader, Communicator, Learner

What To Do When Your Student Says “I’m Stupid!”

“For students with learning differences, empathy is more powerful than any skill or strategy. These kids are often trying harder than their peers and are frequently less successful. They feel different. They crave connections. Empathy cuts through suffering. It allows us to connect, motivate, and craft more responsive instruction.”


Achievement Gap: Back to Work

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