Questions Can Be the Beginning of Dialogue


Dialogue and Learning: A New Example

Here is a post from the Teaching Channel highlighting a 5th grade classroom lesson that shows the importance of dialogue: teacher to student, student to student and student. Although this lesson is about math, it is such a good example of dialogue that I’m including it here.

Dialogue and Learning

I haven’t lost interest in my Early Literacy blog posts on Dialogue about Language, Literacy and Learning. I have been spending time updating my blog “Learning to Learn.” Here is the link for a series of posts on Metacognition.

Both of my blogs are focused on “dialogue.” Dialogue with self
(Metacognition) and Dialogue with others (Oral language and literacy—collaborative learning). From time to time, these two paths will intersect and I’ll post the link on each blog.

We can’t wait…

Here is a Vermont Public Radio series on early literacy that is worth learning about:

Hope you find it helpful and hopeful!