Reading Fast: Is that our goal?

     As I watch Kinder Kids learn to read I am stuck with the pride they take in their achievements.  They are eager to learn a new sound and carefully work at adding “invented spelling” words to their art work.  As they learn, they do not race to finish first.  They work at their pace.  Why do we think it is necessary to rush them through an assessment?


I have recently finished reading a critique of DIBELS that focuses on the issue of speed vs. accuracy, noting the pressure timed tests put on learners, especially such young learners.  I am eager to know what the justification is for timed reading tests from teachers, parents, testers.  Does anyone ask the children being tested?


We Can’t Wait Until 3rd Grade

I recently found this link and was really troubled by the idea that there was legislation that focused on waiting until 3rd grade.

S.C. considers changing how reading is taught

A catch-up summer

An excerpt from this link

Too many students who make it to middle and high school without adequate reading skills are unable to unlock the knowledge in their textbooks and become discouraged, Hairfield said.

If Read to Succeed becomes law, students who are not at the level they should be by the end of third grade would be required to enroll in a “summer reading camp.” Exceptions would be made for students for whom English is their second language, or who have a disability or already have failed a grade.

Busy Learning and Collecting: Early Literacy

I haven’t posted recently because I’ve been busy….spending time in a Kindergarten class and watching great kids learn to read.  I’ve also continue to curate links/articles on early literacy.  I am especially concerned about and interested in the effect of dyslexia and poverty on reading success.  I know we can help all kids learn to read, and I’m looking for the best resources, research, and ideas.  You might want to check out my Pinterest and Scoopit Boards.

Learning to Read: Preschool is a Great Place to Start

Here is a site I scooped this morning.  It is full of great ideas for teaching preschoolers about letters.   A great way to learn through fun.

Every Child a Reader by Third Grade? We Can’t Wait

Yes!!!  But we can’t wait until 3rd grade to find out.  Children begin to develop “reading skills” well before 3rd grade, starting with early language and then early literacy development.  Here’s a link to a strong presentation by Reid Lyon that addresses the reading by 3rd grade imperative:

Focus on Reading

Focus on Reading.

Focus on Reading

I’m shifting my focus to early reading skills and successful reading for all kids.  I am especially concerned about kids who struggle with reading because of dyslexia, poverty, and/or disadvantaged learning opportunity.  All kids need an approach to reading that begins to track their progress at the preschool level and follows through until they are reading at a grade level consistent with their ability as learners.

I am curating links on ScoopIt and Pinterest that offer helpful suggests for teachers and parents.  See and